IT Staffing

Crosby Corporation provides professional staffing solutions to clients and consultants by combining its core excellence in a client centric process with a resource solution specializing in Information Technology. We take a consultative approach to business partners and believe if we can understand your business and/or career objectives we can align our resources in support of meeting your business requirements.

Professional Staffing

Crosby gives you the flexibility to handle high volume, small order or huge distributions with quick delivery with minimized back-end administrative costs. No matter how extensive your network or how varied your distribution requirements, Crosby will help you manage inventory and expectations at levels of efficiency you've never experienced.

Project Consulting

Crosby is highly regarded as a leading player in the Financial Services and Mortgage Banking Industries. Crosby's consulting expertise helps clients make better buying decisions and reduce risk while improving operations and processes.

The Crosby Corporation Difference

You need solutions delivered in a timely, professional manner. Crosby Corporation is a founder-led firm staffed by experts who are dedicated to each client’s success. Our service areas work in tandem to provide each another with support, insight, and guidance to provide solutions that are unparalleled. Crosby's IT Staffing Model follows the Agile Methodology supporting concrete practices through the entire software lifecycle development - We staff requirements for design, modeling, coding, testing, project management and quality tailoring to our clients needs.

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What our clients say

  • We’ve used Crosby for years because their people come to work on time and do a good job. They are dependable and the right fit.


    Spectrum Distribution
  • We’ve been working with Crosby for about six years. We stay with them because of service, dependability and the trust they’ve built. I can always depend on them.


    Premium Distributors
  • I needed a team of 15 and asked Crosby and another company to find the right people for this project. The other company provided two people; Crosby came back with the full team of 15 on their first pass. They were local, so we didn’t have to pay travel and housing costs, and they were well trained and ready to go. That experience solidified our relationship with Crosby and we’ve continued to work with Crosby to this day.


    Crosby Corporation
  • Howard Petty is exceptionally hands-on. Even when our projects have been in other locations, like Atlanta or Chicago, the biggest differentiator for him versus other companies is that we meet with him regularly, face-to-face.


    Crosby Corporation
  • Crosby people go through a strong interview process, and are fully prepared for what to expect when they arrive at a client site.


    Crosby Corporation Consultant
  • I know good leadership when I see it, and Crosby is very supportive of their employees. Management is very accessible, understand our needs and fits the right person to the right job.


    Crosby Corporation
  • Crosby Corporation has the exact people we’ve needed, from staff members to team leaders that take on the responsibility for the entire team to ensure all work is done to strict requirements. Crosby is at least two steps ahead of its competition, providing the right people with the right capabilities. They are always proactive, helpful, and a pleasure to work with.


    Corporate Press
  • Howard is very supportive of our efforts. He understands our needs and makes adjustments accordingly. Client satisfaction does come first and foremost, but he balances the needs of the client with the welfare and well-being of his employees.


    Crosby Corporation
  • They are responsive, the workers are of good quality and the home office folks have been great.


    City of Takoma