Crosby Corporation, a Certified Minority Business Enterprise, Provides Your Business with Unique Opportuntity.

Did you know that millions of dollars in government and corporate contracts that are earmarked exclusively for minority owned busineses. Partnering with an MBE certified company such as Crosby not only lets you take advantage of robust marketing and public outreach opportunities, but also gives you reduced-competition access to a wide variety of public, private, and government agency contracts. 

What is the value of partnering with an MBE certified company such as Crosby?

Corporations are eager to do business with minority owned companies, and many have annual mandates for buying from suppliers with MBE certification. Corporate giants like IBM, Microsoft, and Marriott set yearly goals for awarding millions in contracts to businesses with MBE certification. Meanwhile, billions and even trillions of dollars are “set aside” each year by the federal government to be exclusively awarded to minority owned businesses and suppliers.

Crosby is a Certified Minority Business Enterprise

Do you require a staffing partner with MBE certification (Minority Business Enterprise)? Do your contracts with state or federal agencies require you to partner with an MBE certified or 8(a) certified (small business) company? Then Crosby is your ideal staffing, project management, and mortgage compliance partner. Not only is Crosby Corporation an MBE certified company, we also specialize in partnering with other companies with MBE certification, as well as with businesses in need of the services of a certified minority supplier.

Are you eligible for certification as a minority owned business (or as an 8(a) certified small business), but are too busy running your operation to oversee the application process? Crosby’s trusted MBE and 8(a) certification experts have been successfully assisting our clients in obtaining 8(a) and MBE certification for over a decade. We can handle the entire application process for you, making sure that no regulatory requirement is overlooked, meeting all federal and state stipulations, and ensuring your application is approved in record time.

The Value of MBE Certification

Partnering with a minority owned business such as Crosby can open the doors to a wealth of public and private sector contracts, as well as provide substantial tax breaks to your business. According to federal regulations, MBE certification makes your business eligible for special employment consideration and allows companies you partner with to receive special tax incentives.

Supplier diversity is a priority business strategy for most major corporations. MBE certification is the most important gauge corporations use to validate and partner with qualified minority owned businesses. Not only do supplier diversity programs require valid MBE certification to garner credit toward supplier diversity goals, but the federal government mandates that a minimum of 23% of total acquisition dollars (up to trillions of dollars annually) are “set aside” and must be spent in partnership with businesses bearing MBE certification. To reach this 23% objective, the federal government has approved a set of unique regulations that aid MBE certified business in competing for federal government contracts.

What is an MBE Certified Company?

A formal certification process has been established to allow public and private sector companies to seek out minority owned companies to partner with. To receive certification as a minority business enterprise, a business must be at least 51% owned and operated on a daily basis by ethnic minorities.  

Official classifications for ethnic minorities include:

  • African American
  • Asian American (includes West Asian Americans (ex. India) and East Asian Americans (Japan, Korea, etc.)
  • Hispanic American 
  • Native American

Official MBE certification verifies that a company is at least 51% controlled and managed by ethnic minorities. Furthermore, at least 51% of the business or the company’s stock must be proved to be owned by ethnic minorities. Documentation and other information is required to secure certification, regardless of which minority-owned certification process you apply to.

Tax Breaks for MBE Certified Businesses

The federal government provides tax breaks for businesses that use minority owned companies in procuring materials and supplies. The government also lowers tax liabilities for companies that supply minority labor or services to any project that has received funding in the form of federal or state grants or loans. Additionally, many states, including Georgia, provide incentives for doing business with MBE certified companies by offering state income tax credits.

To learn more about the manifold advantages of partnering with a minority business enterprise such as Crosby, or to find out how Crosby can assist you in obtaining MBE certification, contact us at 301.585.3105.