Crosby is an Industry Leader in Loan Mortgage Compliance.

We have performed loan reviews and due diligence on millions of residential loans. Our clients are investment banks, financial institutions, mortgage lenders, mortgage insurers, and government agencies and contractors.

Mortgage compliance is heavily regulated and investors must stay up-to-date on both federal and state regulatory issues. Our experts at Crosby analyze clients' mortgage compliance in relation to applicable guidelines and laws and advise them on next steps.

Mortgage services include:

  • Due Diligence
  • Internal Auditing
  • Fraud Review
  • Insurance
  • Banking & Credit Union
  • Underwriting
  • Mortgage Securitization
  • Compliance 
  • Credit & Collections
  • Title & Escrow

Mortgage Due Diligence

As a due diligence provider, our services help equip our clients with as complete a picture of their loans as possible. Our comprehensive loan reviews focus on the variety of potential economic losses, risks, and red flags present in the contractual agreements. Crosby's mortgage experts evaluate all aspects of a transaction to determine whether the total balance of benefits and risks make it wise to follow through with the loan. We identify problem areas and suggest courses of action to mitigate any losses. Our loan file reviews are customized to the unique needs of each client or investor—we take all relevant data and client history into account during the analysis.

Our loan file review process analyzes:

  • Data integrity
  • Property value
  • Insufficient documentation
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Fraud risk grade
  • Seasoned loan status
  • Seller performance
  • Mortgage instruments
  • Mortgage insurance certificate
  • Settlement statements (HUD 1 form, etc.)
  • Valuation of third-party vendors
  • and more!

Mortgage Audits

Crosby provides investors and clients with customized post-closing mortgage analysis services to identify irregularities in the loan process or violation of guidelines. Our sophisticated quality control review process typically combines random, targeted, and discretionary sampling methods to identify files to be audited. The sampling procedure can also be customized to meet the individual needs and requirements of each investor or client. With our advanced audit technology, Crosby is equipped to handle any type of mortgage loan file during the audit process.

Mortgage Fraud Review

Crosby mortgage experts have years of experience evaluating loan processes for potential discrepancies and breaches in representations and warranties. We understand the devastating financial threat posed by mortgage fraud and the importance of preventing multifaceted fraud schemes by exercising extreme vigilance in a mortgage risk analysis.

During a mortgage fraud review, we will examine loan documents for red flags and any potential loopholes, gaps or vulnerabilities that perpetrators might be seeking to exploit. As recently as 2010, the FBI found that mortgage fraud perpetrators have access to a sophisticated network of financial documents, mortgage origination software, notary seals, and professional licensure information required to commit mortgage fraud. These expert fraudsters can quickly adapt to changing mortgage lending laws and regulations by modifying their schemes. Crosby is one step ahead of these perpetrators however, and knows how to spot even the most sophisticated misrepresentation or fraud.

Our comprehensive fraud review encompasses:

  • Credit report review
  • Tax return analysis
  • Tax I.D. authentication
  • Evidential searches
  • Asset appraisal
  • Ownership validation
  • Bankruptcy review
  • Re-verification
  • Undisclosed properties and mortgages
  • Falsified employment, income, and/or assets
  • Property transaction history
  • Inflated property values
  • Third party verification
  • and more!

Credit Underwriting Review

Crosby provides a targeted residential mortgage underwriting and credit review process that is more in-depth and customized than our competitors. Numerous companies offer re-underwriting services, but we understand that the process is not one-size-fits-all, and that each project is unique. Crosby mortgage experts will go the extra mile to recreate the original loan underwriting parameters and relevant guidelines, pinpoint risk factors, examine each loan defect and identify potential remedial cures

Crosby also utilizes a flexible, comprehensive technology system capable of accommodating many types of mortgage underwriting review processes. Our integrated platform provides both consistent and customized analyses.

Typical credit underwriting review may assess:

  • Loan documentation
  • Guideline compliance
  • Closing funds
  • Borrower identity
  • Credit scores and reports
  • Repayment risk
  • Employment & income claims

Mortgage Securitization

Securitization is the decades-old process by which certain kinds of assets are pooled and then reallocated as interest-bearing securities. The process can reduce the risks inherent in owning or lending against the underlying assets, lessen corporate vulnerability, and can make the underlying interests more marketable and liquid. While the process can be a valuable tool with broad economic benefits, poorly handled securitization can cause the quality of the underlying assets to deteriorate and can undermine investor confidence. In recent years, the landscape of securitization has transformed substantially, including regulatory changes. Crosby mortgage experts are always abreast of the most recent guidelines impacting the securitization process and can advise investors on what strategy is most appropriate for their unique situation.

To discus your mortgage compliance needs, and to learn more about the services that Crosby provides, please call us today at 301.585.3105.