In the past several years, market swings, interest-rate volatility, loan defaults, falsified data, and fraud have led to serious financial losses and have also tarnished reputations.  It has become increasingly important to monitor and manage all types of qualitative as well as financial risk.  Meet the team that addresses these challenges in transition from post-crisis defense strategies to recovery-focused offense.  Crosby's loss mitigation expertise provides complete and compliant loan documentation services and financial risk assessments.  Crosby leverages precision data and analytics in one complete solution to minimize collateral risk and maximize fraud detection.  
Crosby delivers this expertise to a wide array of financial services firms including:

  • Mortgage Banking
  • Capital Markets
  • Commercial Lending
  • Insurance
  • Mortgage Insurance 
  • Government 
  • GSE
  • Legal
  • Real Estate
  • Consumer Finance

Crosby's aim is to enable our clients to measure, manage and control risk thereby enhancing the reliability of processes and systems across the board.  We will help establish and run internal audit functions to provide balanced and objective assurance of the effectiveness of controls in place to manage your key risks.