Mortgage Loan Fraud is on the Rise.

A study of 80 percent of all mortgage loans in this country revealed that the mortgage lending industry generated $13 billion in loans containing fraudulent information in 2012; a $1 billion increase over 2011. These numbers threaten the integrity of countless pending and existing loans, making thorough mortgage fraud review more important than ever. 

Post-closing Mortgage Fraud Review Experts

Crosby’s team of experts specialize in post-closing Quality Control mortgage underwriting including deep level auditing and mortgage fraud review. The country’s top financial institutions- including government sponsored entities, investment banks, private investors and lenders- all depend on our senior mortgage underwriters to deliver compliant, and secure mortgage loans. 

Mortgage underwriters are tasked with the challenge of detecting fraud.  Finding it requires an open mind, creative thinking, and in-depth analysis of any and all relevant contracts, representations, and warranties made by the respective parties.  The experience of the underwriter is extremely critical to this particular phase of the mortgage loan review process. Crosby proudly stands by the professional record of our consulting experts, each of whom have earned their senior-level titles in this field.

Mortgage Fraud Investigations

Our job is to independently re-verify critical data to ensure that all documentation is in compliance with both local and federal underwriting regulations as well as all applicable loan processing rules. We then move to the fraud finding phase of our auditing process.

If fraud is not detected early through simple auditing of the loan file, underperformance of the loan will soon raise red flags that demand further investigation.

Mortgage loan fraud is exposed through a thorough analysis of such documents including:

  • Credit bureau report
  • Loan application and approval documents
  • Property appraisal
  • Title Commitment
  • Closing Documents

The permissible scope of our review also extends to direct contact with third-party sources and/or other public verification. When our investigation is complete, you receive a detailed analysis that traces the history of the loan from origination to default along with any and all documentation that exposes suspected fraud.

Technology is a weapon used on both sides of the mortgage fraud war. As perpetrators grow more sophisticated in their ability to hack into personal accounts, create their own origination software, and generate other fraudulent documents, so too do the methods of mortgage auditors and underwriters. 

By staying on top of the latest trends employed by the fraudsters, Crosby has remained a consistent leader in fraud prevention and loss mitigation. Our team will reveal the true cause of your underperforming loans. Call us to learn more.