Competent Underwriting is the Cornerstone of Crosby’s Mortgage Quality Control.

We associate with only the most qualified and most experienced staff of senior mortgage underwriters who act as the final authority in every audit and ultimately, every post-closing mortgage transaction. 

Our customized mortgage quality control process is always up-to-the-minute and designed to adapt to changing guidelines and the most current credit information and loan data available. In doing so, the mortgage auditors and underwriters at Crosby Corporation are positioned to make sound recommendations regarding all potential risks involved in any given loan. 

Maintaining Strict Mortgage Underwriting Guidelines

Crosby applies a strict set of guidelines followed by every underwriter in the audit of every candidate’s mortgage file in order to ensure regulatory compliance, expose any fraud, and gain the clearest overall risk assessment.

To that end, underwriters:

  • Examine asset documentation for adequate closing funds 
  • Determine whether the reserves meet specified guidelines 
  • Assess the marketability of the property in light of the title review and appraisal value
  • Analyze the justification for that valuation
  • Evaluate current FICO credit scores and credit histories in light of necessary guidelines
  • Review the status of the borrower's current and previous debts
  • Examine data for negative, incomplete or contradictory information 

Crosby’s underwriters are true experts when it comes to early fraud detection and regulatory compliance.  Credit risks are evaluated according to all aspects of investment, from a candidate’s individual loan profile to their complete portfolio.  

Risk Management, Loan Default, and Mortgage Repayment

Ultimately what matters most to our clients is getting repaid. Perhaps the most critical determination is figuring out whether the borrower exhibits the willingness, commitment, and ability to repay the debt it assumes. 

Crosby's mortgage underwriting services examine the probability of loan default, taking into account the most recent information with regard to the borrower's identity, earning capacity, employment, actual income, assets, collateral, credit score, occupancy status, etc. and the reasonableness of this data in terms of meeting the governing guidelines. 

Modern Mortgage Underwriting 

Crosby is a leader in modern mortgage due diligence review.  Meeting the demands of today’s fast paced marketplace requires access to all the latest technological advancements that not only deliver accuracy but also timely turnaround.  Crosby is constantly updating and expanding our tech platform to not only keep up with our competitors, but to surpass them.  Our team uses these tools to greatest effect.

When mortgage quality control is lacking in any way, preventable and unnecessary loan default and foreclosure is more likely to occur. Our goal is to help our clients avoid that end result. Though intuitive data analysis gleaned from the most current updates is the key to successful auditing, at Crosby, we believe that common-sense decision-making by an experienced professional is equally important to sound mortgage underwriting. 

Our consultants understand the wide range of complex issues associated with the niche area of mortgage underwriting compliance and due diligence. The expertise of Crosby's senior mortgage underwriters can ensure superior credit judgments and faster loan approvals.  Please contact us to learn more about our services. Let’s get to work.